About Us

ARBIND SINGH (Managing Director)

An ordinary man with an extraordinary dreams Mr. Arbind Singh, a post graduate in Mathematics and specialized in Physics . He founded ARBIND SINGH ACADEMY in 2013 to provide excellence at all the levels of education. The institute came into existence with a motive of implanting the seed of determination and thought provocation methods among the students towards academics.

The team of ARBIND SINGH ACADEMY designed the whole institute from infrastructure to the teaching pattern keeping in mind his dream to make education fun and convert the rote learning, monotonous image of studies into a captivating and engaging one. The teaching pattern aims at nurturing and deepening the basic concepts and strengthening its academic and practical application enhancing the understanding of the subject.20160509_170021

Today we aim at creating a mindset among students which strengthen their confidence and enthusiasm towards career and future.

ARBIND SINGH ACADEMY provides a room for a student to grow not only in academic terms but in terms of personality having well understanding of their subject. The institute not only caters the needs of the urban people who are economically sound but it has open its gates to the rural students having economic problems but want to study . The institute has come up with my practical ideas to meet such requirement and one of them is Scholarship Test. As it is believed that Education is the right of all and is one of the basic necessities.

Mr. Arbind Singh at present is one of the directors of ALS IAS, this itself reflect his great knowledge of not only his subjects but the other attributes as well that are required to clear both Examinations at academic and competitive level.

Admission Open From Classes VIII, IX, X, XI  &  XII  for IIT JEE / NEET/ KVPY / NTSE / JSTSE / OLYMPIADS